Get Well Soon Gift Guide in Singapore

If your loved one is currently not in the pink of health or perhaps going through a rough patch, this thoughtful get well soon gifting guide is for you. Different recovery processes call for different get well soon gift ideas to help the recipients feel better. We hope this will help you choose the best gift!


Gift Box

You can never go wrong with tea and honey. This soothing combo is also perfect for sore throats. Showering with the flu is a no-no, so be sure to add dry shampoo into the mix!

Flower Bunch

Avoid gifting flowers to those who are recovering from a cold as pollen might worsen their condition. Plus, they might not have the energy (or mood) to take care of fresh flowers!

Hand-written Card

Add on a Get Well Soon card to wish your loved ones a speedy recovery. Pour your heart out and add some human touch with our hand-written card service!

For Something Minor

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Gift Box

Long hospital stay? Send a mocktail recipe book and give them something new to try once they’re discharged! You don’t need alcohol to have fun 😉

Flower Bunch

It’s awfully sterile in a hospital ward. Brighten up the space with a Petite Bunch — it’s the perfect fit and pocket-friendly too!

Hand-written Card

Don’t forget a Get Well Soon card to remind them that you’ll always be in their corner, especially during this long hospital stay!

For Something Major

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Gift Box

It does not do to dwell on dreams and forget to live.” It’s the same with negative emotions. Encourage them to break away from the blues by staying hydrated or trying their hand at cooking!

Flower Bunch

Sometimes being in a funk can cause one to fall into a slump. Get their creative juices flowing with the DIY bunch that comes unarranged and ready for creative vase arrangements! Don’t forget to ask for pics!

Hand-written Card

Send them a hug with… well, the Sending You a Hug card! Lift their spirits with words of encouragement, their favourite song lyric or even a bad pun. That frown is sure to turn upside down 🙂

For Emotional Health

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We’ve been living in unprecedented times ever since the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Regulations may change every now and then when delivering gift boxes and flowers to hospitals, hotels, or quarantine facilities.

  • Please confirm flower and gift-receiving procedures with the relevant professionals at hospitals, hotels, or quarantine facilities to minimise issues and delays where possible.
  • Kindly note that contact-free delivery is the standard delivery procedure.

We have listed key information here for your confirmation before placing an order.



– Ward number

– Bed number

– Guardian’s contact details

– Recipient’s discharge schedule




– Hotel service team’s confirmation on accepting gifts

– Hotel booking details

– Room number

– Booking number


Quarantine Facility


– Quarantine facility’s confirmation on accepting gifts

– Delivery instructions if the recipient is on Stay Home Notice


Need more info?

For more information, you can check out our Delivery FAQs


Being around loved ones will definitely speed up the healing process, and we’re here to help bring people closer together — one gift box and one flower bunch at a time. Browse through all our get well soon gifts now and send them directly to the people in your life.