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Which products do you recommend for birthday?

Birthday is one of the most common reasons for celebration. We have Birthday Delivery Gift Guide for the beloved women and men in your life here: www.happybunch.com.sg/birthday-gift-delivery/

Happy gifting! 💕

About Signature Surprise Bunch

Signature Surprise Bunch
Signature Bunch’s price starts from $40 with free delivery.

A Surprise Bunch means that the design will not be revealed to you until it’s in the hands of your recipient (or yourself). If you’re worried about what it’ll look like, fret not. We guarantee it’ll be lovingly handcrafted with fresh seasonal blooms, and with your loved ones in mind!

The Surprise Bunch concept allows us to introduce gorgeous seasonal flowers more often while keeping things affordable for you. If you’d love to check out our past bunch designs, visit our Instagram Story Highlights for Surprise Bunch @happybunchsg. Take the leap and join us in this exciting floral adventure!

For Signature Bunch, there are 3 sizes available: Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L). The below size reference is the standard size guide that we apply.

– Size S: Priced at $40 with free delivery, 3–6 blooms/stalks with foliage, bunch height approx. 30cm
– Size M: Priced at $65 with free delivery, 6–12 blooms/stalks with foliage, bunch height approx. 35cm
– Size L: Priced at $85 with free delivery, 12–18 blooms/stalks with foliage, bunch height approx. 40cm

About Fav Bunch Collection

Fav Bunch
Fav Bunch is what we call – No Frills, Just Flowers Series – and is priced from $35 with free delivery. This collection features favourite blooms that are classic best-sellers. If you are not sure what to get, you can’t go wrong with these selection. Flowers come with minimal brown paper packaging and complimentary flower food. Simply pop these blooms in a vase to add some colour and life into any daily space.

– Rose To The Occasion: Featuring assorted Roses
– Hello Sunshine: Featuring Sunflowers
– Hydrangea Bloom: Featuring assorted Hydrangea
– Tropical Paradise: Featuring Ginger Flower

About Petite Collection

Petite Bunch 
Petite Bunch is priced at $25 with free delivery. We believe that a little gesture of love goes a long way, and this Petite Bunch of flowers is perfect for those everyday little moments where you just want to say “I’m thinking of you!“, or when you simply want to add colour to someone’s mid-week blues! The Petite Bunch features lovely flower choices such as Baby’s Breath, Rose, Carnation, and Orchid.

– Petite – Lucky: Featuring Mokara Orchids. For welcoming the new year with good luck
– Petite – Blush: Featuring Roses in soft palette. For a flush of sweetness.
– Petite – Charm: Featuring Roses and Carnation. For your deepest admiration.
– Petite – Cloud: Featuring Baby’s Breath. For a fluffy surprise.

About DIY Flowers

DIY Flowers
Flowers for Home Collection is a thoughtful gift choice for those who enjoy putting together their own vase of flowers. It’s also the perfect creative project to pamper yourself after a long working day. Fresh flowers are delivered right to your door & are ready freshen up your space. Fresh flowers will come with minimal packaging and complimentary flower food and ready to be put in a vase at home. DIY Flowers come in a set of mixed flowers & foliage in 3 sizes:

– Fun Size: $50, features 6 – 10 stems of mixed flowers & foliage
– Original: $65, features 11 – 15 stems of mixed flowers & foliage
– Big Love: $80, features 16 – 20 stems of mixed flowers & foliage

Flower selection will be picked by us and will not be revealed until they are delivered. You can check out some of the past curations & creations by other customers via our Instagram page’s DIY Story Highlight @happybunchsg.

Flower Care Box:
The perfect gift to pair with your DIY Flowers order, this Flower Care Box is an essential starter kit for beginners of floral arrangement, and is perfect for carrying out basic flower care. The box includes a glass vase, flower shears, and flower food sachets. All you need to prolong fresh flowers and carry out flower arrangement projects with ease!

About Build-A-Box

Build A Box

Sometimes you know your loved one best! Have the freedom to customise your very own gift box for your loved ones with your preferred budget. You can select gift items from the selection of thoughtful brands we’ve handpicked for you – yummy treats, fragrance, wellness, productivity & more. You can also add a personal touch by choosing to include a handwritten postcard with your box.

Each box will come with stuffing, and will be sealed with a ribbon. Go big or go small, it’s the thought that counts. Happy curating away!

From $15+ with free delivery.

What’s Inside My Box?

Wanna know more about the brands curated by us? We’ve put up a short summary for each of the brands we work with. You can check them out here: What’s Inside My Box?

Need something special for an important occasion?

In case you wanna go big for an important occasion, here’s how:

– Upsize your Happy Bunch
– Fill your Happy Box with a lot of goodies, we can accommodate up to 15 items 😉
– Bundle your Happy Bunch with a Happy Box
– Get a DIY Flowers with the Flower Care Box, all you need for a fun flower arrangement project at home

Do you offer bouquet and/or gift box packaging customisation?

We don’t offer customisation for individual orders. If you need customisation or assistance for bulk order, contact us via hi@happybunch.com.sg and we’ll assist you further 😊


How do I input the delivery address?

There are several ways to ensure a smoother process when keying in the delivery address. You may follow the steps:

– Key in the street address (without “Blk” or “Block” in front of the address) at the ‘Enter your delivery address’ section
– As the search is powered by Google, do check if the intended address is available in the dropdown options
– If the address is available in the dropdown options and delivers to the area, a “We deliver flowers and gift boxes in this area for free” will be shown
– Do key in the Company Name, Building Name, and Block Number where applicable
– Subsequently, the Level/Suite/Unit number is especially important and required
– Key in the Delivery Instructions if necessary. Delivery Instructions can cover information such as alternative contact if Recipient is not reachable, or how to reach the location (if it’s a difficult location to find). Kindly note that instruction related to delivery timing requests will not be guaranteed/promised as each delivery agent has their own schedule to follow.

Once done, you can proceed to ‘Add this to cart’

In the event where the auto-generated postal code doesn’t match with the street address, it’s recommended to double check your address details first. Since we use Google Map to enable the postal code generation, it’s rare for this issue to happen, unless the address & postal code has been revised recently and hasn’t been recorded in Google Map database yet. In such cases, do reach out to us at hi@happybunch.com.sg for further assistance.

When do you delivery?

We offer free islandwide delivery from Monday to Friday (except public holidays). You can select between the 2 standard delivery slots available – 10am to 2pm, or 2pm to 6pm.
– For the first time slot of 10am to 2pm, order must be placed before 7am on the delivery date
– For the second time slot of 2pm to 6pm, order must be placed before 12:30pm on the delivery date

We’re closed on weekends & public holidays so our team can rest and recharge 😊

Kindly note that we are unable to cater to specific delivery timing requests via our own delivery service. Our delivery partners have flexibility to follow their preferred route so they can optimise their delivery schedule for each day. This model allows us to keep our service affordable.

Where are the areas you deliver to?

We deliver to most parts of Singapore. Simply key in the postal code/street address when placing an order to check if we deliver to your intended location.

For security-restricted and/or high-risk areas, kindly contact the person in charge at these delivery locations beforehand to check and inquire about the delivery policies. At the most part, deliveries can be done as long as the recipient is contactable and is able to receive the item themselves.

For delivery to Hotels/Restaurants/Hospitals/Nursing Homes, kindly provide relevant delivery information during ordering process as per the below notes:

– Please consult with hotel’s service team as they might not be able to accept the items on guests’ behalf due to safety precautions
– If you get a green light from the hotel, you can proceed to place order and provide us with necessary information during the Checkout process by indicating the guests’ name and room number/booking number as per hotel’s booking info under Delivery Instructions
– Upon arrival, our delivery partner will deliver the item(s) to the hotel’s front desk with the information provided

– Kindly note that we won’t be able to arrange for specific timings
– Please consult with the restaurant’s service team as they might not be able to accept the items on guests’ behalf due to safety precautions
– If you get a green light from the restaurant, you can proceed to place order and provide us with necessary information during the Checkout process by indicating Guest Name, Reservation Number & Service Team Member to look for under Delivery Instructions
– Upon arrival, our delivery partner will deliver the item(s) to the restaurant’s service team with the information provided

– Kindly provide us with the Recipient’s Ward & Bed Number
– Kindly ensure that the Recipient will not be discharged on the same day or before the selected delivery time slot
– We seek your kind understanding that for hospitals, our delivery partner might not be able to deliver to the unit directly and might need the Recipient or Representative (guardian, nurse) to receive the items at the main entrance or leave the items at the front desk or reception.
– If the recipient is working at the hospital, do provide the department he/she is working at and alternative contact number in case the recipient is not reachable during their shift

Nursing Homes
– Kindly provide us with the Recipient’s Room Number
– We seek your kind understanding that for Nursing Homes, our delivery partner might not be able to deliver to the recipient directly and might need the a representative (staff, nurse, guardian) to receive the items at the main entrance or leave the items at the front desk or reception

Other high-risk areas
– For high-risk areas such as quarantine centres, please consult with the person in charge at these locations first to check on delivery feasibility before placing order.
– When ordering a gift for a recipient with stay-home notice, please indicate clearly under Delivery Instructions during Checkout process so that our Delivery Partner can proceed with contact-free delivery
– If the delivery is possible, do assist to drop us an email at hi@happybunch.com.sg after you place order so we can highlight the delivery person in advance.

Is there a delivery fee?

We offer free delivery for all of our orders, regardless of the the amount spent.

However, there will be an additional delivery charge for the following cases:
– $12 re-delivery fee for subsequent attempt when the bunch is undelivered on the first attempt. Some of the common cases where the bunch is undelivered are as follows: Wrong address provided, No such recipient at the location (recipient might have moved to a new house/office), or Recipient & sender are uncontactable and delivery person can’t enter the location or pass the bunch to someone else due to security requirements
– $12 re-route fee for changes in delivery address request that reaches us after 7am on the day of delivery

In light of Covid-19, kindly note that the security measures heighten across all estates in Singapore. We have encountered cases where delivery person can’t enter the office unit or the receptionist is not allowed to accept the item when recipient is not contactable. Thus, we appreciate your help to give the recipient a heads-up or provide alternative contact point – to assist our delivery partners in completing their deliveries smoothly.

Delivery Notification and Live Tracking

Tapping on our delivery partner’s notification capability, we send out email notification to your email upon Dispatched & Delivered. Notifications will be sent via sg@pickupp.io.

Email Notification Upon Dispatched
– We’ll send out Dispatched email notification when the item is picked up by the assigned Delivery Partner
– This email will also include a live tracking link to help you track the Delivery Partner’s whereabouts
– Each Delivery Partner usually take multiple orders and will take some time to get to your delivery location, stay calm & patient as they make their way to your recipient’s address 😊
– If you have placed orders for multiple recipients, they might be picked up at different times by different Delivery Partners. As such, you will receive multiple Dispatched email notifications when each item has been picked up.

Email Notification Upon Delivered
– We’ll send out Delivered email notification when the item is delivered successfully by the assigned Delivery Partner
– If you have placed orders for multiple recipients, they might be delivered at different times by different Delivery Partners. As such, you will receive multiple Delivered email notifications when each item has been delivered.
– If you have received a Delivered email notification but your recipient didn’t receive anything yet, reach out to us for assistance. In most cases, the item(s) might have been received by a family member or left at a safe location outside the unit. In any case, we’re always here to help, so stay calm & write to us at hi@happybunch.com.sg ❤️

Didn’t receive any notification?

If you didn’t receive any email notifications, it’s likely that the email notifications might have landed in your Spam Box. Upon checking, if it is the case, do help us to mark them as safe so you won’t miss out future delivery notifications.

What will happen to the delivery if my recipient isn’t at the delivery address provided?

If the delivery address is a residential address, our delivery partner will try their best leave the item(s) in a safe spot outside the unit. The safe spot may be with a neighbour, or behind the gate (for houses) or grille (for condos), whichever option is available to our delivery partner in accordance with the security policies of the particular residence.

If the delivery address is an office address, our delivery partner will leave the item(s) with the receptionist or colleagues if the company security guidelines allow that. You can also indicate a preferred person to look for in the Delivery Instructions, in the event the recipient is not available.

In order to keep Happy Bunch affordable, we are only able to provide free delivery for the 1st attempt. Thus, kindly help to ensure that there is someone who can receive the bunch on your recipient’s behalf if you’re not sure whether your recipients is around.

If the items can’t be left with someone or at a safe spot due to restrictions at the delivery location, and both sender and recipient are not contactable, we will consider the delivery as undelivered. For such cases, there will be a re-delivery fee of $12 applicable for every subsequent attempt. We will reach out to you to confirm the re-delivery first before we proceed.

What will happen to the delivery if the delivery person is running late?

If unforeseen circumstances arise and our delivery partner is later than the promised delivery window, we’ll contact the recipient to check if they are still at the location. If they are no longer at the location, we’ll re-route the item(s) to another address at the recipient’s convenience for free. We’ll also contact and update you as soon as possible!

While we always try out best to minimise any potential delays, we seek your kind understanding that delays might still happen and sometimes due to factors outside of our control. But rest assured that we are always here to assist you and we will always do our best to resolve issues for you as fast as we can! 💕

On-demand delivery via Grab

You can get on-demand delivery via Happy Bunch store on GrabMart. This is a good option if you prefer to get the gift box or flower delivered at a specific timing. In addition, you can also use this option if you miss our order cutoff timing for the day at 12:30pm.

The items are prepared by our team directly and Grab handles the delivery. As such, delivery timing follows our operating hours of 9am – 6pm, Monday – Friday (except for Public Holidays).

Kindly note that delivery fee is applied as per indicated on Grab app, and the delivery coverage is based on Grab’s delivery zone settings.


How do I place order?

You can place order directly through our website. To place an order, follow the following steps:

  • Login to your Happy Bunch account or create a new one if it’s your first order with us
  • Visit www.happybunch.com.sg/purchase/
  • Select the preferred delivery date
  • Select a product – flower bunch or gift box
  • Fill in the message to recipient, and delivery details
  • If you would like to bundle 2 items to the same recipient (a box & a bunch) or order gifts for multiple recipients in the same order, you can continue to add in more items before making payment
  • Pay with your debit/credit card

Kindly note that you can only place an order for same-day delivery provided that you meet our cutoff timing of 12:30pm. After 12:30pm, our system will automatically close the order for the day and you can only place order for the next available delivery date.

Can I place order for a future date?

Yes, you can place order for future delivery date from our website anytime. You can do so by selecting the delivery date before selecting the product.

Kindly note that if a delivery date is greyed out and can’t be selected, it means we’re closed on that date. We’re closed on Saturdays, Sundays and Public Holidays.

Do you accept self-collection?

Yes, you can choose Self-Collection during checkout process. Kindly ensure to scan the Safe -Entry QR Code and get your temperature checked upon entering the location. Subsequently, inform us on your order ID (e.g. HB-XXXXX) in order to collect your item.

Do I need to create/register an account to make an order?

Yes, creating an account is required before you can check out. Having an account will make your future orders more convenient. It doesn’t take long, we promise. You can do it as part of checkout process or go to “Login/Register” tab on our homepage.

Can I make changes to my order after ordering?

Drop us an email at hi@happybunch.com.sg or you can reach out to us on Live Chat. Depending on the status of your order, we will confirm with you whether the change can be made. As we operate on a super-fast turnaround time, we do need 24 hours notice to make changes to an order, so do get in touch with us as soon as you need a change to be made!

Can I cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel your order, do drop us an email at hi@happybunch.com.sg. Cancellations made on the same day of the delivery cannot be refunded and/or rescheduled. Do get in touch with us at least 24 hours before the delivery of your bunch.

If the cancellation is made at least 24 hours before the delivery date, you can choose between the following 2 options:

  • We can send you a store credit coupon with the same value of your cancelled order for future usage
  • If a monetary refund is preferred, kindly note that a SGD10 administrative fee will be incurred and amount refunded will be the amount after we deduct this fee. It will usually take 7 – 10 working days for the refund amount to be credited back to your card if you opt for this option.

I want to remain anonymous. Is it possible?

We don’t share sender’s name with the recipient unless it is indicated in your message! Only the item ordered and note will be sent to the recipient.
Any form of invoice/receipt/billing information will not be shared with the recipient.

What language can the message be in?

For the standard complimentary card, we can print the message in any language. Your message can be in English, Malay, Chinese characters, Tamil script and so on. Emojis and emoticons may be included as well! 😁

However, if you opt for our postcard with hand-written message service under Build-A-Box, we can only write the message in English.

Do you accept bulk orders?

Yes, definitely. Just drop us an email at hi@happybunch.com.sg with information regarding your order (quantity, budget, delivery date and timing, delivery location, about the occasion) and we will get back to you soonest with our suggestions & quote!


What are the type of payment methods do you accept?

You can make payment with only a debit/credit card via our website. We do not accept bank transfers or ewallets at the moment.

Payment gateway & security info

It is safe to pay for our products & services online. We use Stripe, a leading international payment gateway, to process online payment for our products & services.

If you choose to save your card details to make it easier for future orders, rest assured that they are in stored safely at Stripe’s side.

My card was declined when I tried to make the payment. What do I do?

We’re here to help. Do reach out to our team via live chat or hi@happybunch.com.sg. We are able to check the Declined reasons (via Stripe) and advise you further.

In most cases we’ve encountered, this happens when a card doesn’t have sufficient fund or hasn’t been activated for online/overseas transactions.

Can I make payment from overseas?

Yes, you can as long as your debit/credit card has been activated for online/overseas transactions. If your card is not activated yet, simply contact your issuing bank to request for activation.

Flower Info

How long can the flowers last?

On average, flowers can last 3 – 5 days with simple flower care tips. You can find flower care tips here: www.happybunch.com.sg/stories/flower-care-guide-tutorial/.

Certain types of flowers are sturdier, thus, there are times when they can last up to a week or more. On the other hand, some flowers are really fragile, lasting not more than 3 days. All flowers will shorten their vase life if getting exposed to heat source/direct sunlight for too long. So it’s important where you place them at home. Choose a cooling spot to keep your vase(s).

Since flowers in the same bunch can last shorter or longer depending on their characteristics, how to best enjoy your bunch is to slowly remove flowers which start withering earlier, and adjust the arrangement of rest of the flowers which are still in good condition. You can also gradually moving the flowers to smaller vase(s) as the size gets smaller. Have fun and enjoy the process!

Flower care & arrangement tips

We have a series of content (and still adding more along the way) on flower information, care tips & vase arrangements on our blog. Click to read more:

Flower Tutorials Content
Flower Dictionary & Meaning

Hope you find them useful! 💕

I received unhappy flowers. What can I do?

Please reach out to our team at hi@happybunch.com.sg with pictures of the flowers received within 24hours. We will assess them for further actions.

In the meantime, do unwrap the bunch, pop it in a vase with clean water and keep them in a cool area, away from direct sunlight. In most cases, your flowers might simply get thirsty during delivery, and will usually perk up after a couple of hours once they have had sufficient water intake.

Why does the bunch look different from the picture?

There are cases where the actual shade, size, and type of flowers received may vary from the picture shown. Our priority is to send the freshest blooms we can source for you and your loved ones, and this commitment to quality may mean that we have to make a substitution for colour or flower choice in the event of unforeseen circumstances. However, rest assured that your bunch is in good hands, and will be fresh and beautiful for your recipients to enjoy!

Additionally, kindly note that flowers have its natural curves and textures, thus the flower arrangement may differ between bunches. Nonetheless, the bunches are arranged with love and care, with your recipients’ happiness in mind.

General Support

How can I know who send me flowers & gifts?

We hope it made you smile! Sometimes, the accompanying message for each order wasn’t taken out of the sleeve yet. The message (that usually comes with a sign-off name) will only be visible once you take them out of the sleeve.

If the message doesn’t give you enough information, you may reach out to us via live chat or hi@happybunch.com.sg, and share with us the order number that is printed on the message card (it starts with D-xxxxxx-xxxx).

We will help you to get in touch with the sender to find out if they would like to reveal their name 🙂

If I need assistance, how can I contact Happy Bunch Team?

You can reach out to us via our Live Chat support or hi@happybunch.com.sg.

We’re available from 9am to 6pm, Monday to Friday (exclude Public Holidays). With a much reduced team size now, we might take a bit longer to get back. We will definitely get back within a couple of hours on working days (don’t worry, we’re usually much faster than that), and on the next working day if you send us a question during the weekends or public holidays. If you n

All of the inquiries received via Live Chat and hi@happybunch.com.sg will go through our Customer Support solution (BrandChat) and you will get an email notification once we reply (even if you have already left the Live Chat). Once you open the reply, you can continue the chat with us immediately.

Sent an inquiry but haven’t received a reply after a few days?
We always reply. That’s our promise. So if this happens, it’s likely that our reply might have landed in your spam box. Once you can locate it, move it out of the spam box and mark it as safe so you won’t miss our reply in the future.

Set Important Date reminders with our Remind Me feature

The “Remind Me” feature helps you keep track of your loved ones’ important events amidst your busy schedule. Simply add in the important dates (i.e. birthday, anniversary, promotion, graduation, etc.) and decide how far in advance you want to receive the reminder (1 month, 1 week or 1 day). Based on the information you’ve provided, we will send you an email reminder so that you can place order in time and make your loved ones smile on that special date!

Set up can be done via www.happybunch.com.sg/my-account/remindme/ in just a few clicks.

Happy Points: Our Newly Launched Reward System

We’ve just launched Happy Points – our reward system. You now can accumulate points and redeem with discounts for your future order. This is our way to show our appreciation for the continuous support we’ve received from our customers.

How to earn points?

  • From now on, for every $1 spent on Happy Bunch, you get 5 points
  • We’ve also completed a one-time point awarding for all past orders that we’ve received from Day 1 of our business

How to redeem rewards with Happy Points?

  • After you’ve logged in to your Happy Bunch account, you can view the total points you’ve accumulated as well as the rewards that you can unlock under Happy Points tab
  • If you’ve met the condition to redeem the rewards, simply click on “Unlock” and you will receive a Coupon code
  • Apply the Coupon Code before checkout to enjoy the applicable discount
  • Kindly note that only 1 Coupon Codes can be applied in 1 transaction

Where do I send my feedback?

We’d love to hear your feedback! You can send them via our Live Chat, hi@happybunch.com.sg or message us directly on Facebook & Instagram.

If you love our products and services, drop us a review!

For a small business like ourselves, it means a lot to receive a good review on Google and Facebook. Good reviews help us to establish trust and credibility with potential customers who come across our brand online. Thus, if you love our products and services, do drop us a review on Google Reviews and/or Facebook Reviews 💕

If review is not your thing, do share with your families, friends and colleagues whenever the topic comes up. That’d be lovely as well 😊

Special Offer

Is there any promotion available at the moment?

There’s no discount/promotion at the moment.

However, we have the reward program – Happy Points. You can collect points when you purchase with us and redeem points for discounts on future orders. For more information on Happy Points, visit www.happybunch.com.sg/happy-points/

Valentine's Day 2021 Early Bird Offer

It’s never too early to plan ahead for Valentine’s Day. View our Valentine’s Day Collection – including fresh flowers, preserved flowers & gift boxes at www.happybunch.com.sg/valentines-day-gift-delivery/

For Petite Luxe Collection, place your order early to enjoy early bird savings:
– Order by 24 Jan 2021: $30 (U.P. $35)
– Order by 07 Feb 2021: $33 (U.P. $35)
– Order from 08 Feb 2021 onwards: $35