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We’re online from 9am – 6pm, Monday – Friday (excluding Public Holidays).

Happy Bunch will remain open with operational adjustments

On 15 April, we’ve received the approval for our General Exemption Application. What this means is that we are allowed to provide flower & gift delivery during the remaining Circuit Breaker period. You can order flowers and gifts to cheer your loved ones when you can’t be there. You can get a treat for yourself too! 💕

While we’re so happy to be back, the situation is constantly evolving, and possibilities of sudden operational changes may arise. In the latest address by PM Lee on 21 April, the Circuit Breaker will be extended till 1 June 2020 and there will be more tightened safety measures being rolled out. It is possible that an approved exemption might get rescinded and the business will need to cease operations within 24 hours upon being notified. As of now, from the MTI press release, it is indicated online retail is allowed except for online retail of pets. We will continue to check for the updates from MTI and the list of essential businesses on a regular basis and keep you updated. In the meantime, we will continue to offer our flower & gift delivery services while taking all the necessary precautions to ensure the safety for our team, our delivery partner, you and your recipients.

In the event we are required to close, rest assured we will reach out to you to update regarding the changes and possible arrangements. We will also keep you update via this space, our newsletter, Instagram & Facebook!

Adjustments to our product selections & services you need to know

Firstly, we are pausing Self-Collection until further notice, and are only accepting orders by Delivery.

Secondly, as we minimise our team size for each working day, we are making the following changes to our Flower Selection and Delivery Schedule:

  • Only Signature Bunch is available on our online store
  • Deliveries are now available Monday to Friday (excluding PHs), we’re scheduled to special opening hours for Mother’s Day weekend (9 – 10 May 2020)

In addition, flower supply is currently irregular and hard to predict. To better handle this, our Signature Bunch design is now a Surprise Bunch! This means that the Signature Bunch design will not be revealed to you until it’s in the hands of your recipient (or yourself). If you’re worried about what it’ll look like, fret not. We guarantee it’ll be lovingly handcrafted with fresh blooms that are currently in season, and with your loved ones in mind! 💕🌷

There are no changes to our Gift Box Collection at the moment and we’re working hard to bring you more thoughtful gifts the soonest we can.

You can also continue to get our Gift Box via GrabMart as well. For more information on how to place an order via GrabMart, visit

What is a Surprise Signature Bunch?

Some of you might wonder what do we mean when we say – Signature Bunch is now a surprise bunch.

It means that the bunch design will not be revealed to you until it’s in the hands of your recipient (or yourself). If you’re worried about what it’ll look like, fret not. This bunch is guaranteed to be lovingly handcrafted with fresh blooms that are currently in season, and with your loved ones in mind. It’ll surely be a pleasant surprise for you and your loved ones to receive!

Do you enjoy surprises? Take a leap and go on a floral adventure with us! 😉🌷

Safe-distancing measures we have in place

Ensuring safety for everyone is our top priority. We’ve put in place the following measures to reduce physical interactions at our workplace and during delivery

At our workplace:

  • We ask our flower fairies who are senior citizens to stay home throughout the Circuit Breaker period to ensure their safety
  • We have only a small team in the office and ensure at least 1-metre distance between each person who is working on any day
  • We keep track of temperatures of our team and delivery partners/suppliers/vendors for each working day
  • We have a queue system in place to ensure safe distancing among delivery agents who come and collect their orders for delivery
  • We enforce our team and our partners to always wear masks in our workplace and on the road
  • We remind our team to wash hands regularly during work
  • We sanitise the tools, workstations, switches and handles after every working day

During delivery:

  • Since Feb 2020, our delivery partner, PickUpp, has enforced no e-signature policy at the delivery address to reduce physical contact
  • Some delivery agents might choose to opt for contact-free delivery where they leave the items outside the unit; in such cases, recipients will be informed via phone and/or SMS notification
  • For deliveries to high-risk areas such as hospitals, delivery agents will contact the recipients and pass the item at the building entrance only
How has COVID-19 impacted the global flower industry & Happy Bunch?

We have recently shared about COVID-19’s impact on the flower industry and Happy Bunch, and how you’ve helped us during this difficult time. If you are keen to find out more, visit

Check out our series of calming stay-home activities!

Stay home, stay safe and find joy in the new little things you do everyday. Here’s our curated list of (growing) suggestions. We hope you enjoy them! 🙂

Which products do you have available for Mother's Day?

For Mother’s Day this year, we’ve planned for the following products:

Signature Bunch:
Featuring fresh carnations with 3 available sizes: S, M, and L
Early bird price starts from $40 (U.P. $50) with free delivery, applicable for orders placed before 1 May 2020.

Preserved Bunch:
Featuring preserved carnation and cotton with only fixed 1 size available.
Early bird price is $50 (U.P. $60) with free delivery, applicable for orders placed before 1 May 2020.

Mum’s Favourite Box:
This limited edition box is thoughtfully curated with all mum’s in mind. Inside you can find a soothing White Tea & Ginger Candle by To Be Calm, a pampering Pink Himalayan Rose Soap Bar by Alletsoap, and a calming Rose Black Tea Tube by Kittea.
$50 with free delivery.

For more information on Mother’s Day Collection & Celebration Guide, visit: 💕

What are the type of flower bunches you offer?

In light of Covid-19, with much reduced team size and unpredictable flower supply, we’ve simplified our flower offering to only 1 option.

Signature Bunch – Surprise
Signature Bunch’s price starts from $40 with free delivery.
A Surprise Bunch means that the design will not be revealed to you until it’s in the hands of your recipient (or yourself). If you’re worried about what it’ll look like, fret not. We guarantee it’ll be lovingly handcrafted with fresh blooms that are currently in season, and with your loved ones in mind!

Other than that, we’ve also come up with a collection for Mother’s Day with Preserved Bunch as well.

What are the differences in the bunch sizes? Can I upsize my bunch to bigger size?

For Signature Bunch, there are 3 sizes available: Small (S), Medium (M), Large (L). The below size reference is the usual one that we apply. Kindly note that there might be exceptions for premium flowers such as Hydrangea, Peony, Ranunculus and Cymbidium.

Size Reference
Size S: 3–6 blooms/stalks with foliage, bunch height approx. 30cm
Size M: 6–12 blooms/stalks with foliage, bunch height approx. 35cm
Size L: 12–18 blooms/stalks with foliage, bunch height approx. 40cm

If you’ve already placed your order and decide to upsize your order later on, reach out to us via live chat or drop us an email at We will assist accordingly 🙂

Tell me more about the gift boxes

Pre-curated Gift Box

We understand that flowers might not be for everyone. Therefore, our Gift Box Collection is introduced as another thoughtful gifting option to address your gifting needs. Each of the pre-curated box is thoughtfully selected based on different themes, filled with gift items from our favourite brands. They are perfect for birthdays, congratulations, work-from-home treats or just because.

Build A Box

Sometimes you know your loved one best! 🙂
Go for our Build A Box and have full freedom to customise a gift box for your loved ones the way you’d like. 💕

Gift Box Delivery

You can purchase the a gift box on its own or choose to add on a gift box with any bunch. If you choose to just get a box, they come with free delivery as well. 🥳

Do you offer bouquet and/or gift box customisation?

We don’t offer customisation for individual orders. If you need customisation for bulk order, contact us via and we’ll assist you further 🙂

When do you deliver?

Standard Delivery:

In light of Covid-19, we’ve adjusted our delivery schedule. Currently, we offer free same-day delivery from Mondays to Fridays (except public holidays). You can select between the 2 standard deliver slots available – 10am to 2pm, or 2pm to 6pm.

  • For the first time slot of 10am to 2pm, order must be placed before 7am on the delivery date.
  • For the second time slot of 2pm to 6pm, order must be placed before 12:30pm on the delivery date.

Kindly note that we are unable to promise narrower delivery window other than our standard delivery slots above.

Mother’s Day Delivery:
We are scheduled to have special opening hours during Mother’s Day weekend (9 – 10 May 2020).

For the Mother’s Day expected peak period (8 – 11 May 2020), you will not be able to select delivery time slots. We will work closely with our delivery partner and aim to complete all deliveries by 6pm.

If there’s delay with the delivery schedule, we will reach out to affected customers as soon as we’re aware of the issues. We seek your kind understanding during this peak period.

Can I request for specific delivery timing?

We are unable to cater to specific timing request as our delivery partners follow a pre-planned optimised route that depends on the orders we have for the day. This model allows us to keep our service affordable! 🙂 Nonetheless, if you have any timing request, do email us at While we can’t promise the timing, we will work with our delivery partner and try our best to accommodate.

You can also get our gift box on-demand in most areas of Singapore via GrabMart.

If you strictly need your order at a specific time, we’d recommend engaging in a personal courier such as Grab Delivery to do the collection of items and delivery for you. Do drop us an email with the request before placing order and we’ll try our best to accommodate.

Where do you deliver? Do you deliver to Hotels/Restaurants/Hospitals?

We deliver to most parts of Singapore except for security restricted areas. Simply key in the postal code when making the order to check if we deliver to your intended location.For delivery to Hotels/Restaurants/Hospitals, kindly provide relevant delivery information during ordering process as per the below notes:

  • Hotels
    Kindly provide us with the guests’ name and room number as per hotel’s booking info. Upon arrival, our delivery partner will deliver the item to hotel’s front desk with the information provided. It’d be great if you can give a headsup to the hotel’s reservation team!
  • Restaurants
    Kindly provide us with the guest name used for the restaurant reservation. It’d be great if you can give a headsup to the restaurant’s service team. Kindly note that we won’t be able to arrange for specific timings.
  • Hospitals
    Kindly provide us with the recipient’s ward & bed number. Do be sure that the recipient will not be discharged on the same day or before the delivery.

*Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, kindly note that our delivery partner might not be able to enter high-risk areas (such as hospitals) and will need the recipient to collect the items at the main entrance of the building.

Is there a delivery fee?

We offer free delivery for our standard delivery window (10am – 2pm, or 2pm – 6pm).

However, there will be an additional delivery charge for the following cases:

  • $12 re-delivery fee for subsequent attempt when the bunch is undelivered on the first attempt. Some of the common cases where the bunch is undelivered are as follows:
    • Wrong address provided
    • No such recipient at the location (recipient might have moved to a new house/office)
    • Recipient & sender are uncontactable and delivery person can’t enter the location or pass the bunch to someone else due to security requirements
  • $12 re-route fee for change in delivery address that reaches us after 7am on the day of delivery

*Due to the Covid-19 outbreak, kindly note that many buildings/offices in Singapore have increased their security measures. We have encountered cases where delivery person can’t enter the office unit or the receptionist is not allowed to accept the item when recipient is not contactable. Thus, we appreciate your help to give the recipient a heads-up as much as possible.

Will I be notified when my bunch is dispatched and delivered?
We’ll send out an email notification when your order has been dispatched and when it has been delivered. You can also track our delivery partner’s whereabouts via the live tracking link included in the dispatched email notification.
Kindly note that our delivery partner has multiple deliveries to make and thus they might take some time to get to your delivery location.
What if my recipient isn’t at the address?

If the delivery address is a residential address, our delivery partner will leave the bunch in a safe spot. The safe spot may be with a neighbour, or behind the gate (for houses) or grille (for condos), whichever option is available to our delivery partner in accordance with the security policies of the particular residence.

If the delivery address is an office address, our delivery partner will leave the bunch with the receptionist or colleagues if the company security guideline allows that. You can also indicate a preferred person to look for or location to place the bunch in the delivery instructions, in the event the recipient is not available. In order to keep Happy Bunch affordable, we are only able to provide free delivery for the 1st attempt. Thus, kindly help to ensure that there is someone who can receive the bunch on your recipient’s behalf if you’re not sure whether your recipients is around.

If the bunch can’t be delivered due to restrictions at delivery location and both sender and recipient are not contactable, we will consider the delivery as undelivered. For such cases, there will be a re-delivery fee of $12 applicable for every subsequent attempt. We will reach out to you to confirm the re-delivery first before we proceed.

What happens when my order is late?

If unforeseen circumstances arise and our delivery partner is later than the promised delivery window, we’ll contact the recipient to check if they are still at the location. If they are no longer at the location, we’ll re-route the bunch to another address at the recipient’s convenience for free. We’ll also contact and update you as soon as possible! Don’t worry though as late deliveries do not happen often!

How do I place order? Do you accept walk-in order?

We only accept orders completed through our website. To place an order, follow the simple steps:

1. Login to your Happy Bunch account or create a new one if it’s your first order with us.
2. Visit
3. Select the delivery date, choose the bunch design and select your bunch size.
4. Fill in the message (if any) and delivery details before checking out. That’s all, you’re done! 🙂

Kindly note that we are unable to support walk-in order without placing order on our site first.

Am I able to pre-order a bunch?

You can pre-order a bunch from our website anytime!

Kindly take note that our Signature Bunch changes every week. If you’re looking for a surprise, you can pre-order our Signature Bunch. The design will only be revealed closer to the actual delivery week. However, if you like to keep things safe, we’d recommend our Fav Bunch range, which is available every week! 🙂

But do remember to provide us with your full sender details, as we may need to contact you if we are unable to contact the recipient when delivering the bunch!

Must I create/register an account to make an order?

Yes, creating an account is required before you can check out. Having an account will make your future orders more convenient. It doesn’t take long, we promise!
You can do it as part of checkout process or go to “Login/Register” tab on our homepage.

Can I make changes to my order after ordering?

Drop us an email at or you can reach out to us on Livechat. Depending on the status of your bunch, we will confirm with you whether the change can be made. As we operate on a super-fast turnaround time, we really do need 24 hours notice to make changes to an order, so please do get in touch with us as soon as you need a change to be made!

Can I cancel my order?

If you would like to cancel your order, do drop us an email at Cancellations made on the same day of the delivery cannot be refunded and/or rescheduled. Do get in touch with us at least 24 hours before the delivery of your bunch.

If the cancellation is made at least 24 hours before the delivery date, you can choose between the following 2 options:

  • We can send you a store credit coupon with the same value of your cancelled order for future usage
  • If a monetary refund is preferred, kindly note that a SGD10 administrative fee will be incurred and amount refunded will be less this fee. It will usually take 7 – 10 working days for the refund amount to be credited back to your card if you opt for this option.
I want to remain anonymous. Is it possible?

We don’t share sender’s name with the recipient unless it is indicated in your message! Only the bunch and note will be sent to the recipient.
Any form of invoice/receipt/billing information will not be shared with the recipient.

Special Request: I want to include a my own card and/or a small gift along with the bunch. Will you be able to help?

We’ve done it before and we’d love to do it again!

Reach out to us directly via live chat or at with the details of the gift. Kindly note that we are unable to accept gifts that are valuable/fragile/perishable.

What language can the message be in?

Any language! Your message can be in English, Malay, Chinese characters, Tamil script and so on. Emojis and emoticons may be included as well! 😁

What are the type of payment methods do you accept?

You can make payment with only a debit/credit card via our website. Unfortunately, we do not accept bank transfers or ewallets at the moment.

My card was declined when I tried to make the payment. What do I do?

Do reach out to our team via live chat or We will help to check and advise you further.

Can I make payment from overseas?

Yes, you can as long as your card has been activated for online/overseas transactions. If your card is not activated yet, simply contact your issuing bank to request for activation.

How long can the flowers last?

On average, flowers can last 3 – 5 days with simple flower care tips. You can find those tips found behind our message card. Certain types of flowers are sturdier, thus, there are times when the can last up to a week or more. On the other hand, some flowers are really fragile, lasting not more than 3 days.

Flower care tips

To ensure fresh flowers stay fresh longer, follow the simple care tips below:

1. Unwrap the bunch
2. Trim stems at a slant
3. Place in water
4. Place away from heat, open fruit/food items
5. Change water daily

Simple right? You can do it!

Where do I send my feedback/compliments?

We’d love to hear your feedback! You can send them via Live chat,, Facebook Reviews or Google Reviews.

I received wilted & unhappy flowers

Please reach out to our team at with pictures of the flowers received within 24hours. We will assess them for further actions. In the meantime, do pop your bunch in a vase with clean water and keep them in a cool area, away from direct sunlight. In most cases, your flowers might simply get thirsty during delivery, and will perk up after drinking some water.

Why does the bunch look different from the picture?

There are cases where the actual shade, size, and type of flowers received may vary from the picture shown. Our priority is to send the freshest blooms we can source for you and your loved ones, and this commitment to quality may mean that we have to make a substitution for colour or flower choice in the event of unforeseen circumstances. However, rest assured—we will stick to the overall colour palette shown as closely as possible, and your bunch will be beautiful for your recipients to enjoy!

Additionally, kindly note that flowers have its natural curves and textures, thus the floral arrangement may differ between bunches. Nonetheless, the bunches are individually hand-bunched with love and care, with your recipients’ happiness in mind.

*In the current time, the Covid-19 outbreak adds enormous challenges to our sourcing & procurement operations as the global floral supply chain is badly affected. We seek your kind understanding as changes to design component might happen more frequently.

I received a bunch but do not know who it is from. How can I know the senders name?

We hope it made you smile! You may reach out to us via live chat or, and share with us the order number that is printed on the message card (it starts with D-xxxxxx-xxxx). We will help you to get in touch with the sender to find out if they would like to reveal their name 🙂

How can I contact your team? What are our support hours?

You can reach out to us via our live chat support or We’re available from 9am to 6pm, Mondays to Saturdays. We will get back to you as soon as we can!

Tell me more on the Remind me feature.

The “Remind Me” feature helps you keep track of your loved ones’ important events amidst your busy schedule. Simply add in the important dates (i.e. birthday, anniversary, promotion, graduation, etc.) and decide how far in advance you want to receive the reminder (1 month, 1 week or 1 day). Based on the information you’ve provided, we will send you an email reminder so that you can place order in time and make your loved ones smile on that special date!

Set up can be done via in just a few clicks.

Do you do bulk orders?

Yes, we do provide bulk order. Just drop us an email at and we will get back to you soonest!

Are there any point collection/reward system?

We do not have a point collection system at the moment. Sign up for our newsletter to receive updates on new products & special offers from time to time.

Special Offer
Mother's Day Early Bird Promotion

Enjoy $10 OFF when placing an advance order before 1 May 2020. Applicable only to flowers, and not gift boxes.

Signature Bunch (Fresh flowers):

  • Early Bird Offer: Size S – $40, Size M – $65, Size L – $85
  • Normal Price: Size S – $50, Size M – $75, Size L – $95

Preserved Bunch:

  • Early Bird: One size – $50
  • Normal Price: One size – $60

Prices indicated above applied for the delivery period from 4 – 10 May 2020.