Left-Handesign is Singapore’s first plantable and sustainable stationery & lifestyle brand that aims to encourage eco-friendly gifting. This way, we can all spread happiness and love to our friends and family, while keeping our environment in mind at the same time!

Their Products

Plantable Pen

Plant the pen for a Morning Glory or Tomato plant! Remove the ink refill once done, and plant the pen in soil. Add a little water everyday and make sure there is enough sunlight. The pen is completely biodegradable, and will sprout in 15 days. Give it more time and loving, and ta-dah! You can wake up every morning and enjoy your newly grown plant!

Plantable Pencil

Plant the pencil for a Marigold plant! Place in soil after use, give it some sunlight & water, and you’re good to go. Seeds & paper are organic and fair-traded from Uttarakhand.

Hug Trees & Plant Seeds Plantable Notebook

Notebook that grows into a Chilli herb! Once you’ve finished the notebook, plant the front & back cover in soil and you’re good to go!

Bamboo Love Coffee Cup

This reusable cup is in a vibrant red bamboo design, and is made of natural bamboo fibre that is biodegradable.

Tropicana Coffee Cup

Made of natural bamboo fibre, this cup is in a tropicana design and is reusable and biodegradable.

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