Kittea was founded in 2016, right here in Singapore! They create gourmet tea blends with flavours inspired by the unique personality and heritage of different kitty cats. Their teas are sourced from all over the world, and they use zero preservatives and artificial flavourings in their blends. How a-meow-zing!

Their Products

White Chocolate Appleberry Tea

Loose leaf tea blend of butterfly pea flowers, white chocolate-dipped pineapples, apples, and raspberries. Tangy, with a creamy sweetness.

Berry Hibiscus Tea

Loose leaf tea blend of hibiscus, papaya, berries and currants. Strong and deliciously rich, this caffeine-free blend has a ruby-red hue and a berry aroma.

Wolfberry Apple Tea

Loose leaf tea blend of seaberries, wolfberries, and apple. Alongside raspberries, hibiscus and rosehip. Sweet, tangy, and fruity—great for iced tea drinkers!

Tea Stick

A Tea Stick for your brewing pleasure! Scoop loose tea into the tea stick and steep into hot water for a perfect cup of tea (Recommended 250ml cup). An essential tool for all tea lovers!

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