Muslim-Friendly Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Whether you are celebrating a birthday, sending corporate gifts to your clients & teammates, or simply sending a gift #justbecauselove, Happy Bunch offers thoughtful gift boxes that you can deliver to your friends & family!

Send a customised gift box with Happy Bunch’s Build A Box, and fill it up with a wide array of gift items. Simply choose a base box, pick your items, and we’ll handle everything else—from packing to delivery. If you are looking for gift items that are Halal-certified or Muslim-friendly, view our list of items below to get started.


Brands with Halal-Certified Items

  • Amazin’ Graze
    Only Pandan Coconut Nut Mix is Halal-certified
  • Batu Lesung Spice Company
    Only Paste products are Halal-certified
  • Boxgreen
    Only Berry Apricot Bursts is Halal-certified, other flavours included in the Hearty & Healthy Trio do not contain pork. Kindly note that packaging may not currently reflect the Halal certification label as it is in the midst of updating.
  • The Golden Duck
  • Krakakoa
    Halal certified by LPPOM MUI (Indonesia)
  • Handmade Heroes
    Halal certified by JAKIM (Malaysia)


Brands with Muslim-Friendly Items

The items from the brands listed below are not Halal-certified. However, they may be considered Muslim-friendly as their ingredients are free of pork and lard. Kindly purchase at your own discretion.


Ready to customise your very own gift box?

Head over to Build A Box to get started. Build A Box is available from $15+ with free delivery in Singapore.

Looking to send corporate gifts? Visit our corporate gift guide to learn more.

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