We believe that flowers are meant to be displayed and enjoyed, as they are great mood-lifters when adorned around the home! However, we understand that not everyone has a spare vase sitting around—and that’s no problem.

Vessels can come in all shapes and sizes, and with a little creativity, your flowers can be enjoyed in no time. Here’s our list of home vase alternatives to get you inspired.

But before we get going, if you have fresh flowers on hand, click here for a guide on ensuring your flowers remain fresh for longer.

Repurpose food containers

Just finished your can of soup or condensed milk? Perfect timing! Use those cans as a flower vase. We left the label on to add more charm. Adorable, isn’t it? A conversation-starter for sure.

On top of metal cans, reuse those old pasta sauce jars! Or that chilli oil you’ve always loved? Give those jars a good rinse and use them as a flower vase. Peel the label off and no one would even notice 😉

Put your precious pottery to good use

We all have that precious tea pot or mug that we can’t bear to use, either because it’s too expensive or it was a gift from someone special! Why not use them to house those gorgeous flowers you’ve just received?

Use liquor bottles for a vintage charm

There’s always this old-time charm that comes with wine and liquor bottles. We paired them with dried flowers and it just upped the vintage feel to these bottles! They act as a great statement piece for your shelf or coffee table as well.

Use tall drinking glasses and no one would know

Speaking of liquor, we found that beer glasses looked great as a flower vase as well! An elegant and easy fix.

Look in the tools cabinet

Look beyond the kitchen and into the tools cabinet! We found this water canister and it was perfect as a flower vase. Charming and simple!

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