Flower Care Guide: Fresh Flowers

Just received a bunch of fresh blooms and don’t know where to go from here? We’re here to help!

Follow the steps below to keep your flowers fresher for longer.

We know you love how the flowers are wrapped nicely, but fresh flowers need water, just like us. When the flowers are placed in water, their freshness is prolonged, and you get to enjoy the flowers for longer! So start unwrapping your bunches 😉💕

An angled cut increases the surface area for the stems to absorb water—keeping the flowers more hydrated. Please use sharp scissors/shears as well, so as to avoid smashing and damaging the stems. You should get a clean cut so that the flowers can absorb water more effectively!

We recommend changing the water in your vase daily, however this could differ, depending on what flowers are in the bunch. A good rule of thumb is to change the water every day (or whenever you see that the water starts to be unclear/murky), and to trim off 1-2 cm of the stem every 2-3 days.

“But how much water should I fill my vase with?” There is no right or wrong answer when it comes to this. Your flowers should be well hydrated so long as:

  • All stems are submerged in water
  • No leaves are touching the water (leaves touching water encourage bacteria growth)
  • The water is changed regularly
  • The stems are cut cleanly every few days

Flowers should not be around fruits! Fruits release an odourless invisible gas called Ethylene that can cause flowers to wilt. So try to keep fruits away from your vase of flowers if you want to prolong them.

“How about placing my flowers by the window?” This depends on whether it’s a sunny day out, or if it’s night time! Flowers should be kept away from heat and direct sunlight to prolong their vase life. And it’s best to place them in a more cooling environment. Thus placing your flowers by the window in the day—when it is under heat and direct sunlight—may not be the best choice, but placing it by the window at night is fine!

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