Can you remember a year more life-changing than 2020? With much uncertainty in the air, some of us had to make tough sacrifices, and most of us had to adapt to new daily routines. Important occasions had to be postponed and we had to stay apart from our loved ones for months on end. Despite it all, we learned to find joy in the everyday moments, and to appreciate the little things we previously took for granted. From friendly check-ins, to flower & gift surprises, your smallest gestures made all the difference in brightening up the darkest days ❤️


For every gift delivered, each of you had your own special way of conveying your love & appreciation through thoughtful words. Here are the top 6 words included by many of you that tugged on our heartstrings.

“Sending you some love”

Near or far, distance did not stop you from sending your utmost love & appreciation.


“Happy birthday my dear!”

Who says that birthdays and milestones can’t be celebrated apart?


“Hope to see you soon”

For the ones you can’t meet in person,
and miss so dearly.


“Thanks for always being there for me”

It’s never too late to say thank you to the ones who’ve got your back all year long.


“A little something to brighten up your day!”

Sometimes the smallest gestures can make the biggest difference in someone’s day!


“Hey just here to say I miss you! 😃”

Just because… emojis! They definitely
need no explanation 😉


Beyond the many texts, facetimes, and zoom calls with loved ones, you also chose to send surprise gifts this year. Many of you made our day with the reasons behind your gifts, and we can’t help but feature our favourites here.

Heyy, what's for dinner?


Coz we're locked down...


Loooving your tweets!


Wednesday is flower day!


Who would’ve thought we’d ever be restricted from meeting one another in Singapore? Most of us weren’t able to reconnect with our friends & family in person, whether it is for a simple meal or a quick hug. And for those overseas, making it back home was not an option. Yet, love was felt despite the distance and we received orders from not just Singapore but all around the world. It warms our hearts that we can help you convey love & appreciation to those who matter regardless of where you are!

132,190 km
across Singapore

If we were to meet our loved ones in person, that would’ve been as far as travelling from Changi to Tuas 2,644 times! 😮

around the globe

Without travel restrictions in place, that would’ve meant travelling 480 times around the globe to meet our loved ones! 🌏

From Colombia,
with love

Love was sent from as far as Colombia, which is on the other side of the globe! Hello to our friends from Colombia 🙂


If there’s one thing 2020 taught us, it is to seize the day and try doing that one thing we’ve always wanted to do. Did you pick up baking during Circuit Breaker? Or perhaps become a plant parent? (Welcome to the club, haha!) At Happy Bunch, we also explored many new things this year. We experimented with unique flowers often and introduced more brands for our gift boxes for everyone to enjoy! 🙂


This year, we’ve tried as much as 166 different flowers and leaves! 🎉 Talk about variety! It is incredibly tough to choose a favourite, however we’ve managed to round up our top picks of 2020 right here—phew!


These cute furballs have a memorable scent. Hint: Search their flower family to learn how they smell!



We know what you’re thinking… yes it’s actually part of the cabbage family!



Otherwise known as Artichoke, this flower blooms into a gorgeous electric blue flower.


Kangaroo Paw

They are soft, fuzzy, and gorgeously vibrant. And they definitely remind us of Kangaroos. Adorable! 🙂


Blue Star

It almost has a vintage feel to it—we love including this leaf to add an elegant touch to our bunches!



Not only are they super sturdy, we find that their two-toned colour adds an extra oomph to our curations as well.


Since the launch of Singapore’s first customisable gift box, Build A Box, we’ve had the pleasure of introducing 30 amazing brands into our gift boxes this year—spanning from snacks, to wellness treats, and lots more!


Majority of the brands we introduced this year are proudly homegrown. Let’s #supportlocal together!


We’ve made new friends that champion ethically and sustainably responsible actions—our heroes!


There’s nothing more empowering than supporting fellow female entrepreneurs as they craft their way to success!


2020 certainly had its extreme highs and extreme lows. From battling supply chain disruptions to overcoming manpower limitations during lockdown, we look back on the key moments that truly shaped us and our business this year.

Circuit Breaker

When we placed our thinking caps on to work smart & super hard during Circuit Breaker manpower limitations! Looking back, we can’t believe we pulled through Mother’s Day (one of our highest peak periods) with less than a quarter of our usual team!

Flower Supply Disruption

Due to sudden border controls, our planned flower supply options were halted right before Valentine’s Day. We hustled hard around the clock to get our hands on thousands of red roses from alternative sources, to ensure everyone’s Valentine’s surprises were completed smoothly.

On the News

We were featured on the news for the first time. It was an incredible honour to have been part of an article on gifting trends amidst the pandemic. Thank you, The Straits Times!


It warmed our hearts when we received love and yummy food from former #HBFamily members. On those busiest days, your surprises showered us with love and care. Thank you and we miss you guys!

Supportive Partners

We received tremendous trust & support from partners, old and new, throughout 2020.

Thank you for having full faith in our new initiative Build A Box, and for working around the clock to support last-minute changes and special requests. From printing greeting cards overnight, to delivering flowers super early in the morning after we've run out. From fixing our only printer at the very last minute (which broke in the midst of the peak season), to singing birthday songs for recipients during delivery, you are all truly amazing.

It takes a lot for a business to run smoothly. Thank you for giving us all the support we need behind the scenes, whenever we reached out for help.

Amazing Customers

Last but not least, thank you (yes you!) for sticking with us through 2020. It was an extremely tough year, but you kept us going one order at a time. Every day felt exhausting but you made it better when you dropped a little note saying “You guys did great, hang in there”. Thank you for giving us the strength, courage and optimism to keep going!
Whether it’s showing appreciation for one another amidst tough times or discovering new moments, we are thankful for going on this journey with you. We are grateful that we managed to survive against the odds this year with your trust & support. We will continue to work hard to improve ourselves! Thank you for making our 2020 a remarkable one. We’re super excited for what’s to come in 2021, and we hope you are too. See you then! ✨